Lifting with a plasticizing mask

The basis of plasticizing masks are the inorganic acid salts that have similar properties of gelatin or agar-agar, that is, they form an elastic mass that turns into a face in a film. Judging by the reviews, even without additives, the mask has a modeling, drainage properties and is a great way to regenerate the skin.

The alginates derived from seaweed are absolutely harmless substances and when in contact with water form an elastic gel-like substance whose composition is saturated with high concentration of mineral salts and vitamins. After applying the mixture on the face, it aligns the folds, wrinkles and literally fills the skin with moisture and nutrients.

The value of alginate masks is their complex effect on the face of the skin, and the effect is observed immediately after the first procedure.

Cosmetics with alginates - the best way to care, and have the following benefits:

Activate capillary blood flow;

Have a lifting effect;

Narrows pores and regulates sebaceous glands;

Stimulate the saturation of the skin with oxygen;

Get rid of pigmentation and traces after acne.

Alginate masks can be used for any type of skin. In this case, they are a good guide for means of directional action: anti-aging, lifting, moisturizing, nourishing, anti-inflammatory. These agents can be applied under the mask, and by increasing the flow of blood and oxygen, the beneficial substances begin to penetrate better into the layers of the skin.

Anti-age (procedures, masks)

Aging is the accumulation of molecular and cellular defects that eventually disrupt the whole organism. Aging is divided into genuine (due to the genetic program of the organism) and external (caused by the effect of adverse factors). True aging is ineviInlayle, but the onset of external aging can be postponed. According to modern concepts, early wrinkles appear mainly under the influence of UV radiation. UV radiation causes damage to the cells of the epidermis, the intercellular substance of the dermis, fibroblasts, Langerhans cells, and melanocytes. Antioxidants that can withstand the oxidative stress in the skin and the exfoliative agents - retinoic acid, alpha hydroxy acids - can be distinguished among the antioxidant antioxidants currently used.

Jacques Face Massage

Jacques' therapeutic massage helps normalize the function of the sebaceous glands, cleanses the skin from comedos and miliums, reduces the severity of inflammatory processes in acne. In addition, Jacquard Chiropractic massage helps improve blood circulation in the area of influence, stimulates trophic processes, has a beneficial effect on the processes of regeneration and tissue restoration.
This therapeutic massage is indicated in the presence of supply and infiltrates, scars and scars. The procedure allows to get rid of comedos, helps with hyperkeratosis, and also is recommended in the presence of hyperpigmentation centers.
Recommend this technique to all without exception, unfortunately, it is impossible, because there is a list of strict contraindications. It is impossible to carry out this procedure in case of violation of the integrity of the skin in the place of the intended effect, and this massage is contraindicated in the presence of pustular and viral (herpes) skin lesions.
Contraindications for massage are chronic dermatosis (psoriasis), allergic diseases and atopic dermatitis. On the face you can not do massage on Jacques in neuralgia and inflammation of the trigeminal nerve, a contraindication for the procedure is couperose.

Lymphdrainage face massage

Lymphatic drainage facial massage helps to simulate oval, has a lifting effect, successfully cope with many imperfections of appearance:

Eliminates the accumulation of fluid, visibly visible as sacks and bruises under the eyes, puffiness, swelling;

Smoothes nasolabial folds and facial wrinkles;

Removes the second chin;

Improves face color after treatment of skin diseases, acne, demodicosis.

The course of lymphatic drainage facial massage is recommended to go after contouring plastic or blepharoplasty to reduce the rehabilitation period.

A special technique of massage during the course of lymph flow promotes the exchange of substances, skin cells get rid of toxins, blood circulation is activated. The stagnation of venous blood, as evidenced by the red color of the face, and lymph, resulting in swelling, are eliminated, there is a healthy glow.

Lymph drainage massage is prohibited for diseases of the skin, exacerbations of herpes, blood diseases, malignant formations, pregnancy, infectious diseases.

One massage procedure takes no more than 15 minutes. The course consists of 10 procedures. You can attend a specialist in a day.

Cosmetic massage of the face

Facial massage will allow the normal balance of water in the body and improve blood circulation, due to this decline of edema of varying degrees. In addition, the massage allows the skin to get the required amount of oxygen, because in our time it is not able to get as much nutrients as it needs in the normal state. A sufficient amount of oxygen allows the person to always be in good shape, look fresh and young.

Indications for cosmetic facial massage:

- flabby, atonic skin;

- premature wrinkles;

- excessive or insufficient secretion of the sebaceous glands;

- swelling;

- hair loss;

- reducing tone and skin turgor.

RESULT After the procedure:

- peeling the horny layer of the skin;

- improvement of skin color;

- aligned relief face;

- smoothing wrinkles;

- improving microcirculation;

- increased susceptibility to skin cosmetics;

- lifting effect of the skin;

- relaxation, stress relief.

Contraindications to cosmetic facial massage:

- exacerbation of acne;

- eczema;

- rosacea;

- herpes;

- acute inflammatory and suppurative processes;

- fungal skin lesions;

- hirsutism;

- violation of the integrity of the skin;

- viral skin disease.

Removing unwanted hair

Waxing - one of the most popular means of hair removal. This method is basically pulling the hair out of the skin, so it is easily detached from the follicle. Although various methods exist and are beginning to appear, wax hair removal is the best because it ensures long-term results, unlike other methods of hair removal such as shaving, moreover, it is very easy to use.
Waxing is a long-term effect, because it must make up one or two times a month. This will break the skin and hair to grow without interference razor, which makes the skin prone to irritation.
Another advantage is the feeling of silky skin. Because the hair is removed completely with roots and skin is flawless.
In addition, this method is very accessible and effective. Now there are many different types of wax: hot, warm and cold, depending on skin type and taste.
The first drawback wax hair removal is that this method can be very painful for some people. However, if you do regular wax hair removal, skin gets used to it and the pain usually fades into the background.
As a result of incorrectly made may be wax hair removal ingrown hairs. Also, can often occur irritation or allergic to wax. If you have very sensitive skin, hair pulling can cause bruising and small cones.

Anti-cellulite massage

Cellulite today is a problem that not only familiar to almost every woman, but also to young girls. The presence of the body "orange peel" as it is called, is unaesthetic appearance, able to provoke complexes. Cellulite is a change in the fat layer of the skin, leading to poor circulation and stagnation of fluids.
The causes of cellulite:
• Hormonal disorders in the body;
• Endocrine disorders;
• The influence of genetic factors;
• Unhealthy diet and the resulting excess toxins;
• Stress and fatigue;
• Lifestyle, characterized by a small number of movements;
• Lack amount of fluid in the body;
• Improperly selected unbalanced diet;
• The habit of smoking and excessive taking of alcohol.
Lymphatic drainage massage: a technique influence.
Lymphatic drainage massage is done for weight loss and removing excess fluid from the body. It is used for the correction and reduction of the volume of the body. Lymphatic drainage massage actively influences the lymph flow cell, freeing it from decay products and toxins, resulting in inhibition of inflammation in the tissues of the skin. The lines of the body become more clear, cellulite disappear.
Massage: appliances exposure
Massage special equipment that affects the body reduction and elimination of cellulite. Massage techniques include mechanical and reflex active influence on those areas that hit cellulite. Affected orange peel tissue exposed to friction, vibration and pressing. The consequence of this massage - flat body, firm and tightened skin and the absolute lack of cellulite deposits.

Removal of papillomas

Papillomas (warts) in our body is fairly widespread phenomenon and often brings us inconvenience. Medical Center "Repobona" offers a quick and painless solution to remove tumors with the use of "Surhitron." This radiowaves device allows you to remove warts, papillomas, nevi, miliums, hemangioma and others. The procedure for removal is painless and takes no more than 10-20 minutes. The impact of radio wave machine made selectively only required tissue without damaging healthy skin cells. After the procedure, there is no inflammation, edema. Once you return to the manipulation of their daily affairs. Time is healing the individual. With this system you get rid of all the inconvenience!
There are "good" moles and "bad." And, sometimes "good" can degenerate into "bad." To protect themselves from degeneration of nevus and determine which one is best removed, you should contact your dermatologist or oncologist.
The main method of prevention of malignant skin tumors is removal of precancerous lesions.
The benefits of radiosurgical treatment:
Virtually bloodless operative field through the coagulation of blood vessels;
Getting virtually undamaged tissue suiInlayle for morphological studies;
Minimal postoperative pain due to coagulation of nerve endings in the wound;
There is no charring of tissue, so it forms a black scab under which accumulates pathogenic microflora;
Fibrin film rejected by 10 days, accompanied by minor sanious secretions. Bleeding that in 15-30% of cases occur in scab rejection after electrosurgical excision is not observed;
A significant reduction in the postoperative period due to rapid epithelialization of the wound;
Scarless wound healing;
A good cosmetic effect.
Despite the safety of the device "Surhitron" contraindications to treatment with it still is. "Surhitron" not allowed to use during pregnancy, as well as health problems such as:
Inflammatory processes in the acute stage;
Pulmonary heart failure decompensation stage;
Acute infectious diseases;
Chronic hepatitis with decompensated;
Diabetes in decompensation stage;
The presence of the patient's pacemaker
Do not delay the removal of moles, warts and papillomas on then, and certainly not allow any of their changes (color, shape, size). Timely removal of any structures on your skin - is a sure way to health and beauty!

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